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3 ways to help kids transition away from screens smoothly

As many parents would have experienced, young children need to learn emotional self-management to be able to transition from one activity they are enjoying to the next activity without a meltdown. Many parents find helping a child finish using a screen device challenging. As part of a study funded by…

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Active kids web

4 ways to use technology to help kids be active

Everyone knows that being physically active is great for kids and helps them be healthy and happy. But many of us worry that technology use is reducing the physical activity of our children. Playgroup WA has been working with ABC Kids, Raising Children Network and Curtin University on a project…

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Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts

These easy handprint crafts make sweet Mother's Day gifts and keepsakes! Handprint Flower Card What you need: Paint Paint brushes and/or sponge Card   What to do: You can do this in two ways: take a damp sponge and put it on a plate, apply a few squirts of paint…

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Earth Day

Earth Day Seed Bombs

Get your hand's messy with your little ones with Earth seed bombs! This activity is great for sensory play and also provides an opportunity to talk about the planet and how plants grow! What you need: Coloured paper (blue, white, green) Packets of seeds Water Bowls Blender What to do:…

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Easter Craft – Footprint Bunny

Hop to it and create some bunny-tastic art with your little one's footprints! Image credit   What you need: Paper/card Paint Paper plates Pipecleaners What to do: Paint 2 paper plates and cut the edge off one to make it slightly smaller, glue the plates to make the head and…

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Leaf Painting – Autumn Craft

Get your little ones out & about, exploring nature and their creativity with this leaf painting craft! Image credit   What you need: Paints Paint brush Paper or card (optional) Leaves What to do: Take your little ones out for a walk and collect fallen leaves Let your child's creativity…

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v day

Valentine’s Day Craft – Handprint Love Bug

Help your little ones express their love with this super sweet handprint love bug craft! What you need:  Construction paper or card stock Red and black washable paint Sponge or paint brush Black marker Googley eyes (optional) Scissors Glue What to do: Cut out a small circle for the lady…

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12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Bonus crafts! Mistle-toes This craft is a fun activity and a lovely keepsake. Here we have provided printable templates but we have also included some examples of how to draw them yourself. What you need for the mistle-toes wreath: Printed or drawn paper template Paint Sponge (optional) Markers or pens…

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First Friends Playgroup Committee Members

Stories from our Playgroups: First Friends Playgroup Inc Advocates for Local Change

In 2022, First Friends Playgroup Inc was at risk of having to close its doors. Faced with falling membership numbers, an ageing building, a lease with high maintenance responsibilities and costly bills, the playgroup was at breaking point. The committee was exhausted and close to burnout. The committee shared their…

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Benefits of Playdough WP Tile

6 Benefits of Playing with Playdough

Playing with playdough provides many benefits for young children and toddlers. Playdough is a classic childhood favourite that's been around for many years and provides hours of fun. It's the perfect play activity - it's squishy, colourful and there's no wrong or right way to play. Next time your children…

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Intergen Video WP Tile

New Video: Bringing the generations together!

Intergenerational Playgroups are so special to us at Playgroup WA. And you can see why with our latest video! These groups are a wonderful way to build beautiful relationships for both the families and seniors. They offer opportunities to broaden a child’s life experiences, build acceptance of older people and…

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Bottle Play Idea WP Tile

5 Ways To Play: Recycled Plastic Bottles

Incorporating recycled plastic bottles as toys is a great way to incorporate recycling concepts into play time. We've previously shared the benefits of using plastic bottles as homemade toys. Showing children how to reuse and recycle materials for different purposes is an important learning opportunity too. There are endless ways…

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sand play wp

Playgroup at the Park: Play ideas for the sandpit

We know many of our school groups have been impacted by COVID regulations preventing groups from meeting at school. But this does not have to stop you from seeing one another - meeting at your local park or playground is a great way to continue to meet up and connect.…

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Kitty Litter tray filled with rice and scoops to make a sensory bin play activity

5 Ways To Play: With a Tray

Incorporating a tray for play time encourages open-ended exploratory play opportunities. They're perfect DIY activities you can set up easily at playgroup or anywhere such as the park or home. Setting up play activities using a tray is great for little hands as it can help keep kids focused while…

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A young child playing a sorting game

Why sorting and matching is important for young children

Sorting is one of the first skills that our kids can master. It may seem like an easy skill, but sorting is so much more. Sorting is the ability to identify similarities and differences among a set of objects and grouping them accordingly. When your child is engaging in these…

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Member Discounts Blog WP Tile

Playgroup WA Member Discounts

Playgroup WA member discounts continue! Our gift to you 💝 Playgroup WA family members have exclusive access to a wide range of discounts on movie tickets, attractions, experiences and gift cards. This includes some of your favourite places like Event Cinemas, HOYTS, Wanneroo Botanical Gardens & Mini Golf, Adventure World,…

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baby playing with water showing different water play ideas young kids can do

Fun water play ideas

If you're looking for simple water play ideas that are easy but guaranteed to keep your little one busy then check out our list! Water play is very beneficial for little ones for so many reasons. We love it because it's simple, versatile and can be done any time of…

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50 Years of Playgroup WA: Do you have a story to tell?

2022 marks 50 years of Playgroup WA! We're so excited to be celebrating this amazing milestone and have lots of fun things planned, including stories and celebrations throughout the past 50 years. And we'd love to hear from anyone who has a story to tell or photos from playgroup from…

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Children playing together showing the benefits of playgroup and how it is great for development

Top 3 benefits of playgroup for children

There are so many benefits from children attending playgroup. We know the research shows that children who attend playgroup in the early years have significantly better child development when they start school. The period between birth and 5 years is the most rapid stage of brain and skill development. Kids…

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Resource Kit WP Tile

Playgroup WA Resource Kit

Announcing the new Playgroup WA Resource Kit Playgroup WA is excited to announce our new Playgroup WA Resource Kit. This new online resource is packed full of information on the playgroup sector and how to manage playgroups. It is a ‘one-stop destination’ for anyone interested in running, hosting, attending or making…

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indoorplayideas WP

Fun indoor activities to do with a toddler

Looking for fun indoor activities to do with your toddler? Look no further. Setting up activities when you're stuck indoors doesn't need to be difficult or elaborate - in fact, they should be easy and most of the time, you can use things from around the house. We asked our…

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a child and an adult playing with homemade slime and having fun with messy play

Messy Play Ideas

Looking for messy play ideas? Messy play (and sensory play) is a fun activity for kids of all ages! It engages all the senses and is particularly important form of play especially for babies and toddlers. If you like, you can read about the benefits of messy play here. The…

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Child is pouring rice out of a scoop into a messy play toy

The benefits of messy play

Messy play is lots of fun and a great opportunity for little ones to develop some important skills. Many parents can be hesitant when they first think about messy play but they don’t need to be! Kids need to understand the world through their senses. Messy play provides children with…

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Ways to be inclusive at playgroup

Ways to be inclusive at playgroup

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and included at playgroup, but sometimes it can be a challenge to know how to achieve that when a child seems to be “a bit different”. As a parent of an adult child with autism, working as a special needs education assistant and being a…

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DVassist regional domestic violence helpline – here to help

In October, DVassist launched a new helpline specifically for people living in regional and remote WA who are experiencing domestic violence. DVassist provides free support and counselling for any person in regional WA who feels unsafe, disrespected or isolated in their relationship. The DVassist team is made up of qualified counsellors who have experience working with people…

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Being part of the committee WP tile

The top 5 ways being on a committee can work for you 

No matter how big or small your playgroup is, all playgroups need people to work together to help make things happen.  Your playgroup may have a formal committee with clearly defined roles and tasks, or you may be part of a group that has a more informal way of organising things.  Either way…

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This Christmas lets be mindful of our child's mental health

Avoiding the hyper-parenting trap

As we enter the home run for 2020 and start to gear up for Christmas - spare a thought for your pre-schooler’s mental health. It is saddening to know that 1 in 7 primary school children in Australia struggle with poor mental health*. It’s a very fast-paced adult world we…

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Nature Blog WP Tile

Nature Inspired Activities

With the weather warming up it is a perfect time for some nature play. Involving nature in play settings is a lovely way to get children take more notice of their natural surroundings and also encourages imaginative play. Half the fun of nature inspired activities is heading outdoors to collect…

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Blog 01 WP Tile

The “deep and meaningfuls” of intergenerational playgroups

 I will never forget the first time at a playgroup when a tired baby cried.  The baby’s mum was worried that the sound would bother the senior members of the group. Several of the senior members had memory difficulties and high care needs and we weren’t sure how they were going to react.   However, the cries and gurgles seemed to awaken wonder and…

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Damper Image

How to make damper

One of our Playgroup WA staff members was very lucky during a regional visits to Waabiny Time Playgroup in Albany to have prominent indigenous elder "Aunty Averil" make her very special style of fried damper. Averil is a well-known highly respected Noongar Elder as well as being a great grandmother…

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more fun with books toddler

Benefits of reading to your little ones

Books are entertaining and fun but more than that, sharing books with your child is extremely beneficial for their early development and life long learning. Reading books with your children provides them with many building blocks for important development throughout life. Books spark the imagination, expands their vocabulary and encourages…

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Halloween Activity Ideas

It’s time to get spooky! If you’re looking for Halloween themed activities then have a look at what some of our playgroups have done. These are great for you to do at your own playgroup or at home. Sensory Activity Stations Gooseberry Hill playgroup had different sensory stations for their…

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Parenting Support: what’s available to you

Parenting can be challenging at times and, as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. As we have seen changes to our current community situation, having access to parenting support is more important than ever. Whether you live in the Perth metropolitan area or regional Western Australia,…

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earth day

Earth Day Activities

Celebrate Earth Day with your little ones with these activities! Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day brings the world together to celebrate, and it’s the perfect time to talk about our wonderful planet with our little ones! When children connect and contribute to their world, it broadens their experiences…

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Playgroup @ Home FB Cover houses insta 1

Playgroup WA launches Playgroup at Home WA

In this challenging time, we have some exciting news. We have launched a new Facebook group called Playgroup at Home WA. This group is for WA families with children aged 0-5 years and in it we will share many different activities and ideas to keep you inspired, entertained and connected…

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Tips for maintaining good hygiene at playgroup 

It’s never too early to start practicing good hygiene habits with our little ones.   Children learn a great deal by copying the behavior of their parents, caregivers and other kids. The best way to teach children about good hygiene is to make sure we practice good habits ourselves.  Here are some of…

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Community Play Day WP Tile

Community Play Days

In celebration of National Playgroup Week, Playgroup WA will be holding local, community play days throughout out Perth! These free events are for parents/carers with children under 5 years, and will be a great opportunity for families to get together for some fun, play and a chance to meet others…

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Rainbow disco WP Tile

Fundraising Case Study: Rainbow Playgroup Community Disco

Welcome to our first Case Study blog! This new blog series is all about playgroups sharing their ideas and experiences so that other playgroups can get inspired and find out what has worked and lessons learnt. We’ll be chatting with playgroups about topics like fundraising, membership drives, getting people to join the…

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IMG 3131

Scissor Skill Practice: Cutting Playdough

Using scissors helps to improve hand eye coordination and is great for building muscle tone that will be required for writing later on in schooling years. It is also something that requires a bit of practice! Often little ones may start to show an interest in cutting but can find…

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Homemade toys blog WP

Homemade Toys: Why recycled bottles are great for play!

Homemade toys, such as recycled bottles, can provide the same level of fun and learning opportunities as most mainstream toys. Toys are fun and a great way to extend the play experience but they don't need to be fancy. Especially for the younger ones. A good toy is one that stimulates your…

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Early Literacy TILE

Best Activities to Playfully Encourage Pre-Writing Skills 

Pre-writing skills are fundamental in developing the ability to write. Handwriting is a skill that is developed over time. To master handwriting children need to combine fine motor skills, language, memory and concentration. Acquiring these skills will contribute to your child’s ability to hold and use a pencil, write, draw…

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Early Literacy TILE

Encouraging early literacy for little ones

Encouraging early literacy (pre-reading and pre-writing) skills can be developed through every day experiences and play. Being able to recite the alphabet or write their name doesn't always mean a child will be able to pick up these skills quickly at school, pre-primary or even kindergarten. IN fact, a lot…

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christmas stocking

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year - and with it comes lots of festive inspired crafts to do at playgroup or at home! We have listed some of our favourite Christmas themed activities for you and best of all, they are all simple and easy to do. Christmas…

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PND feature

Starting Conversations: Raising Awareness of Anxiety and Perinatal and Post Natal Depression

The pressures of modern life can mean new mums and dads have unrealistic ideas about parenthood. Having a baby can be hugely challenging and adjusting to your new roles can take time. Having a good understanding of what to expect and how you might cope when baby comes home will…

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Playgroup Volunteers

Many playgroups often enlist the help of volunteers to help out with their playgroup. What is the difference between a volunteer and a member? A member is a parent or carer with a child currently attending the playgroup. A volunteer is a person who doesn't have children attending the playgroup…

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lotterywest WP

Community playgroups to receive funding boost from Lotterywest

The WA Government through Lotterywest has approved a grant of $200,000 a year for the next three years to provide financial support to community playgroups. Today, the Hon. Simone McGurk, Minister for Child Protection; Women’s Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; Community Services, visited Inglewood Playgroup to officially present…

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Izzy’s Road Safety Tips – Learning Road Drills or Rules

Did you know? Research has shown that young children can easily learn road drills or rules but nay not use them in dangerous situations or simply recite them without understanding them. Smart Steps Hint... Increase your child's road safety skills and understanding by doing some practical road-side training with them,…

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iStock 000020103840 Committees

How To Recruit Committee Members for Your Playgroup

Recruiting committee members   Are you looking at recruiting members for your playgroup committee? Read some of our tips below to help with getting members to join! Provide clear information about the jobs and tasks involved including how much of their free time will be required. You will find most members will…

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young children dancing inside doing indoor activities during winter

9 Winter Activities to do at Playgroup

The colder months are here and sometimes this can present a challenge to keep kids entertained at playgroup. But don't let the rain stop you from having fun - we've written some fun ideas to do with the kids at playgroup (and at home!). 1. Hold a disco Dancing promotes…

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trafficlight sandwich 300x225 1

Traffic Light Sandwich

Who doesn’t love getting in the kitchen with the kids? If you’re looking for some inspiration and a great way to talk about road safety with your little ones then try our fun Traffic Light Sandwich recipe. This activity is also a great one to do at playgroup. Items you…

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Father and daughter holding hands 881725 resized e1531192358374

Hands are for holding!

Our children can be encouraged to be safe pedestrians from very early on. And one of the simplest ways to start is by asking your child to hold hands. It’s an easy concept for them to understand and one you should start practising the moment they start walking. Try and…

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affection beach child 173666 1 reszie

Celebrating Families Week

Celebrate National Families Week with these fun activities! National Families Week (held between 15 - 21 May) is a wonderful time to celebrate the importance of family in our life and our community. The aim of the Week is to celebrate the vital role that families play in Australian society.…

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sorting playgroup e1531192279193

Play ideas for the school holidays

With most playgroups on break over the school holidays, we know that sometimes getting inspiration for play ideas to do at home can be tough. Activities don't need to be overly complicated and you'll be surprised how engaged kids will get with even the simplest of play ideas. Playgroup WA…

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07 e1531191371808

Cooking Activity: 2 ingredient dough

This recipe is so simple and perfect for little hands to help with! And with only two ingredients it's an easy introduction into cooking with your little one. And once the dough is made the options of what you do with it are endless - you can make pizza, scrolls,…

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ksenia makagonova 334988 unsplash e1531190725977

Easy Ways To Create A Sensory Environment For Children

Ever noticed how children use their senses to engage with the world from a really young age? When they have rich sensory experiences whether at a playgroup, at home, in the park or anywhere else, it boosts their brain development. Research has found that children learn by interacting, practising and…

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little sprouts toddler 2.113803

Welcoming new members

Do you remember when you joined playgroup for the first time? What were the things that made you feel welcomed? People seek out to join a playgroup for numerous reasons and visiting a playgroup can be a daunting feeling for some - remember, this person is stepping out of their…

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Moving on from Playgroup to Kindy

The year is coming fast to an end (when did this happen??) which also means that for many parents there is another thing on their mind......the countdown to kindy! It's a bittersweet time, our little ones are embarking on a new journey of independence and an exciting new phase in…

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graduation cert

End of year: graduation ideas

This time of year is certainly wonderful; there's a special magic in the air! The end of the year often sees us reflecting on the last twelve months while looking onwards to the possibilities a whole new year promises. This also means that for some of our wonderful friends, it…

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16 for thumbnail

Ten Cool Tips for a Long Hot Summer

Keep cool – there are many ways to keep cool this Summer! In addition to drinking lots of water, squirty bottles are great fun and excellent for building hand strength and gripping skills - helpful when children eventually learn to hold a pencil and write. Other ways to keep cool…

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Working PArent Blog

The Life of a Working Parent

Being a parent is role I love but one fraught with challenges. However, on an average day, being a parent is what I live for. And I know ‘parents’ come in all different shapes and sizes. The Working Parent One I want to touch on now is the Working Parent…

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Everyone loves dressing-up!

When it’s cold outside it’s easy to get grumpy and forget what fun can be had indoors! One of my favourites is dress ups – and loads of new looks can be made from discarded materials you’ll likely have at home or stored at playgroup. Ask your playgroup families collect…

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