Supporting Families Through Early Childhood: The First 1000 Days Project

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Introducing the First 1000 Days at Playgroup project

A growing body of research shows the first 1000 days in a child's life (from conception to two years of age) is a significant and important stage of development.

Early experiences shape the way children’s brains and bodies develop with long term consequences for mental health, learning and physical health.

The quality of relationships that children and families experience is a key factor and families being supported and connected in their local communities is a goal that we can achieve.

Playgroup WA is addressing this opportunity by initiating the First 1000 Days at Playgroup project, with the support of Lotterywest.

This initial two-year pilot project aims to connect families in their local community at playgroup during those important years. This includes first time pregnancy through to the first few years of a child’s life.

We believe there is much that can be done and by working with communities directly, we are hoping to create a positive and healthy environment for families to thrive.

Are you a parent looking for more information on First 1000 Days or a playgroup wanting to implement the project at your group? Then click below for more information.

Aims of the project

The First 1000 Days at Playgroup Project aims to connect and support families in their local communities from the start of their pregnancy journey, bridging the transition from pregnancy to birth and the early years.

1. Improve health and wellbeing outcomes for families, by:

  • Reducing social isolation during pregnancy by establishing opportunities for local peer support
  • Connecting pregnant families with local playgroups
  • Creating opportunities for dads to connect during pregnancy
  • Developing a neighbourhood approach to welcoming and supporting families in the first 1000 days

2. Increase the number of families feeling supported, confident and informed, by:

  • Improving access to information and organisations that can provide relevant support for pregnant women and families
  • Providing playgroups with the necessary tools to be able to be able to provide referral pathways between support agencies and families
  • Utilising playgroup venues as a hub for families to access support from key services
  • Encouraging increased service options for families
  • Improving early identification of support and needs

The pilot project will focus on two geographical areas: South West region of WA (in partnership with the regional based Radiance Network) and North-West Metropolitan Perth over an initial two year term from 2021 to 2023.

Like to know more?

For more information, please contact Playgroup WA Head Office on 08 9228 8088 or

In the media

Read the article in The West Australian on 28 July 2021, page 3, on this exciting new project here.