5 Ways To Play: Recycled Plastic Bottles

Incorporating recycled plastic bottles as toys is a great way to incorporate recycling concepts into play time.

We’ve previously shared the benefits of using plastic bottles as homemade toys. Showing children how to reuse and recycle materials for different purposes is an important learning opportunity too.

There are endless ways you can play with plastic bottles but here are 5 of our favourite ideas that are perfect for the younger ones – bonus that they require minimal prep but have maximum fun factor!

You can also watch our fun insta video on how to make each of these here.

1. Recycled Bottle Bubble blowers 

This activity is definitely lots of fun for kids, especially toddlers! Bubbles is a classic play idea that all kids enjoy. Using just a simple plastic water bottle, you can create this awesome bubble blower that is particularly good for younger kids who have not yet grasped how to use a traditional bubble wand.

Have a look here at how to make these bubble blowers.

 2. Glitter Sensory Bottle 

Glitter bottles or ‘calm down bottles’ are a great sensory toy. With their swirling, sparkly patterns they can soothe emotional kids or just be a visual delight. Just give them a good shake and watch all the glitter swirl around until it settles to the bottom. Then repeat!

See how to make them here.

3. Rainmaker/ Rain stick bottles 

A rainstick is a musical instrument that makes a sound similar to the gentle pitter-patter of rain falling when it is tipped from top to bottom. The soothing sounds can help children focus and self-regulate. Learn how to make this easy sensory bottle here.

 4. Discovery bottles 

Create these fun and stimulating discovery bottles for your baby or toddler using every day things around the house. Discovery bottles (or “I-Spy” bottles) are easy to make and fun for young ones to play with as you can fill them up with special themed objects and ask them to see what special objects they can find! 

Check out how we made ours here.

5. Water bottle bowling 

Turn your plastic bottles into colourful bowling pins! This is a fun game for all ages – kids will love throwing the balls and the exciting (and noise) of hitting the pins. Our bottles also are painted from the inside so you won’t have to worry about little ones scratching the paint off.

Find out how to make this fun activity here.

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