Izzy’s Road Safety Tips – Learning Road Drills or Rules

Did you know?
Research has shown that young children can easily learn road drills or rules but nay not use them in dangerous situations or simply recite them without understanding them.

Smart Steps Hint…
Increase your child’s road safety skills and understanding by doing some practical road-side training with them, as well as teaching them the rules.
– Teach your children to stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road and give them plenty of opportunities to practice
– Help them to understand speed, distance and direction by asking them to say whether vehicles are fast, slow, near or far, and travelling towards you or away from you
– Encourage your children to participate in making decisions about when, where and how it is safe to cross the road (eg at traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc.)
– Praise children when they demonstrate safe pedestrian behaviour




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