End of year: graduation ideas

This time of year is certainly wonderful; there’s a special magic in the air! The end of the year often sees us reflecting on the last twelve months while looking onwards to the possibilities a whole new year promises.

This also means that for some of our wonderful friends, it will be time to say goodbye as they move on from playgroup and onto their new adventure – school! This is a great opportunity to celebrate these children and all that they’ve achieved during their time at playgroup.

A nice way to do this is to hold a graduation ceremony! This is a simple and fun activity that will be enjoyed by everyone and will give you a chance to say farewell and good luck while having a bit of fun. Here are some ideas and activities for your very own ceremony:

1. Scrapbook or photo collage poster

Print out photos of the child from over the time they attended playgroup and make a photo collage or a scrapbook. This is a great activity to get the child involved and talk about all the experiences they’ve had, what their favourite memories were and see all the friends they’ve made.

2. Graduation Certificates

Use the Playgroup WA certificates (which you can download here) to hand out to those children graduating! It’s a special token for them to take home and keep.

graduation cert

3. Make your own graduation hats

You can’t have a graduation ceremony without the proper attire. We found this simple and easy craft idea to make your own graduation hats:

grad cap instructions 1

4. Photo booth

This is a great addition for your ceremony! Purchase different coloured streamers or plastic table cloths, cut them to size, hang them over some string and stick onto the wall. You can even make “Graduating Class of 2017” posters that all the kids can help with! The photos will be lovely momentos to keep forever.

graduation photo wall ideasImage source: Pinterest

Do you have any other ideas you have used for your ceremonies? Let us know!