Community Playgroups - Connecting Families and Communities

Community playgroups represent the largest number of playgroups across the State.  These groups are run by families for families and vary in size from three up to 200 families.

Playgroup WA’s role is to provide support to existing community playgroups and to assist families to establish new playgroups and to assist parents to meet new parents in their local area.

The support is funded through various sources including:

  • Family membership fees
  • The Department of Social Services (DSS) Families and Children Program
  • The Department of Local Government and Communities through its Sector Support Program

The Community Playgroup Program assists families to start their own playgroups to develop peer support and social networks with other families and their young children. In addition, it provides opportunities for children to learn through play and develop their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

As part of the DSS Families and Children Program the Community Playgroup Program aims to support families, strengthen relationships, improve the wellbeing of children and young people and increase participation of people in community life to enhance family and community functioning.

Funding from the Department of Local Government and Communities is specifically used to support the sustainability of community playgroups with particular emphasis on assisting committees to effectively operate successful playgroups.

If you are a family looking to discover more about joining a playgroup, visit the Discover Playgroup section of our website here.

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The Community Playgroup Service is provided by Playgroup WA and funded by the State Government through the Department of Local Government and Communities and the Australian Government Department of Social Services through Playgroup Australia