DVassist regional domestic violence helpline – here to help

In October, DVassist launched a new helpline specifically for people living in regional and remote WA who are experiencing domestic violence. DVassist provides free support and counselling for any person in regional WA who feels unsafe, disrespected or isolated in their relationship.

The DVassist team is made up of qualified counsellors who have experience working with people living in these areas. These counsellors can provide you with strategies to cope throughout the holiday season and connect you to local services if that’s the kind of support you are wanting.

They understand that often the first time asking for help can be the hardest but they’re spreading the message this festive season to let everyone know that it is OK to ask for help.

You can free call DVassist Monday to Friday between 10am – 7pm on 1800 080 083.  Their website also has a regional service directory as well as information www.dvassist.org.au