Building Active Bodies and Brains

05 Climb the Giant 80Climb the Giant – Climb and Hang

All you need is yourself and your child. For a small child, you can do this lying down on a bed or couch. You lie down and your child climbs up you. You can end the climb with a cuddle.

When your child has developed strength and agility, this activity evolves. You stand up and hold your child’s hands, facing each other. Your child walks up your body until their legs and feet are up in the air and their head is down. Your child then flips their legs over with their feet landing on the ground. Remember to keep hold of their hands while they are climbing and flipping, and check to make sure they are feeling ok. You can add to the fun with your child pretending to climb the giant!

Please note: This activity should only be attempted by adults and children who are both suitably able to do this, to avoid injury. This fun activity requires both the adult and child to have a degree of strength and flexibility to be done safely.