Easter Craft – Footprint Bunny

Hop to it and create some bunny-tastic art with your little one’s footprints!

Little Wombats Easter Craft 01 419x300 1


What you need:

  • Paper/card
  • Paint
  • Paper plates
  • Pipecleaners
What to do:
  • Paint 2 paper plates and cut the edge off one to make it slightly smaller, glue the plates to make the head and body of the bunny
  • Paint the bottom of your little one’s feet and gently press onto a piece of paper or card. Repear so you have 4, let dry and cut out around the footprint
  • Glue the footprints to make the bunny’s ears and paws along with pipe cleaners or the whiskers.
  • Paint the bunny’s features and there you have a sweet Easter craft that doubles as a keepsake for just how little your little one was this Easter!