Fundraising Opportunities for Playgroup Committees and Leaders

Ideas to help raise money for your playgroup

Why fundraise?

Fundraising is a way for playgroups to raise extra money to help the group run better. It should be for a specific project such as purchasing toys, equipment, excursions, events, ongoing costs etc. It's a good idea to have a set target each year.

Fundraise with Valuing Children Book Series

We are excited to be partnering with the Valuing Children Initiative to offer playgroups in WA a special opportunity to both fundraise for your playgroup and also provide families with these special books with a focus on valuing children.

Playgroups have the opportunity to fundraise with Valuing Children Initiative children’s books. These four, beautifully illustrated picture books feature native Australian animals and focus on four themes: giving children a voice (Kooky’s Special Corner), listening to children (Kelvin the Kangaroo), ensuring safety (Curious Ellie the Echidna) and providing children with opportunities to grow and thrive (Summer the Swan).  Suitable for pre-school and primary school children, these books provide an opportunity to read with your child and reflect on these key topics.

How to fundraise with VCI:

Valuing Children Initiative (VCI) is offering the books to playgroups to sell as a fundraiser.

Playgroup leaders can promote the books to families for $35 per set. For all sales made, playgroups can keep the profit of $10 per set and give VCI the remaining $25 per set (cost price).

Step 1. Playgroup leader promotes books to families ($35 per set)

Step 2. Playgroup leader takes orders from families and collects money.

Step 3. Playgroup leader emails Maddie McLeod at VCI to place an order.  This will involve Playgroup leader making a bank transfer to VCI for the book sets they wish to order. ($25 per set of four books goes to VCI).

Step 4. Books to be collected from Perth CBD or from Midland.  (Postage can be arranged but additional charges will apply)

Step 5. Your Playgroup keeps $10 for every $35 set sold!

Read more in this flyer here.

More Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of options when it comes to fundraising partners, here are just a few that are on our list:
- Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
- Market stalls, cake stalls
- Entertainment Books - see link below
- Raffles
- Movie Nights
- Events like bogan bingo, Christmas party etc.
- Chocolate fundraisers

Fundraising Opportunity with Entertainment Books/App

entertainment book