Top 3 benefits of playgroup for children

There are so many benefits from children attending playgroup. We know the research shows that children who attend playgroup in the early years have significantly better child development when they start school.

The period between birth and 5 years is the most rapid stage of brain and skill development. Kids minds are like sponges, absorbing new information constantly. Play is one of the most important ways children learn and giving them the opportunity to do this is beneficial.

Playgroup provides unique learning opportunities through a fun, relaxed environment that many children won’t get elsewhere.

And our playgroup families agree.

In our annual member survey, we asked our community to tell us how their children benefited from joining playgroup and these were the top 3.

1. Friendships & Social Skills

94% of parents saw their child’s social skills improve since going to playgroup.

It’s no surprise that friendships were top of the list! The social interaction children get from attending playgroup is unparalleled. Being able to have the children play in a safe, relaxed environment with others is one of the biggest draw cards for parents wanting to attend playgroup.

“I enjoy watching my child engage with other children and improve his social skills at play group!”

Their child’s ability to share and take turns had also improved from attending playgroup. Children learn lots of different skills from practising taking turns with other children. Pausing and giving them a chance to work things out for themselves without an adult intervening too quickly helps children learn and practice important social and emotional skills.

“We have loved the friendly welcoming playgroup community we found, my child has loved his weekly playgroup time, it is wonderful to see them grow in confidence and ability over the year and interact with all the other kids so well.”


2. Spending time together

This is always one of the top benefits parents and carers tell us they’re surprised about when they join playgroup – being able to take the time out and spend one on one time with their child is a surprising and welcomed benefit.

72% of playgroup parents said that playgroup gave them the opportunity to spend quality time with their child.

Spending one on one time with your child has numerous benefits to a child’s development including promoting their social-emotional, cognitive, language, and self-regulation skills.

“My eldest will be in full time school next year so it has been extra important to make time to play together and playgroup this year.”

With another parent telling us:

“My daughter loves going to playgroup. It’s a great place for her to make her own friends and have some one on one time with me without her older sister.”

3. Physical Activity

Research shows physical development is an important part of supporting growing brains to learn and develop at school and beyond.

Being active equips your child with all the elements they need for functional activities throughout their life from developing focus, concentration and social skills.

Parents told us that playgroup gave their child an increased opportunity to develop their physical skills and lots of time for physical play.

“My daughter enjoys the playgroup activities and social networking. She developed her social, physical and cognitive skills. Thanks to all who work hard towards achieving such fantastic results.”

And another parent told us:

“Our playgroup is very relaxed and my toddler loves the freedom of running, jumping, climbing and playing in a safe space.”
Playgroup is a place for your child to feel welcome and included in their local community which builds self-esteem and confidence.

And we all know, when children have what they need to develop well in the early years, they can thrive and be healthy now and throughout their lives. This includes babies who start developing good mental health and wellbeing from birth.

Of course there are more benefits of playgroup, this includes parents too! Playgroups are a place for children to thrive and grow and parents to find their village.

You can learn more about joining playgroup here or to find your nearest playgroup visit our Find a Playgroup page.