Everyone loves dressing-up!

Blog 1 I am the music woman 2When it’s cold outside it’s easy to get grumpy and forget what fun can be had indoors!

One of my favourites is dress ups – and loads of new looks can be made from discarded materials you’ll likely have at home or stored at playgroup.

Ask your playgroup families collect some dress ups and bring them in for a day of extra special dress up fun!

Here are some ideas of what to collect and how to use them:

  • Old sheets (white ones for nurses’ aprons and full-circle capes)
  • Curtains (carpenter’s or home corner aprons)
  • Net curtains (ballet or fairy skirts, veils)
  • Pyjamas (clown costumes)
  • Leather boots (fascinating when spray-painted silver)!

Dress-up ideas:

  • Fairy: Net curtain wings. Tinsel in hair, a leotard and a wand with a star.
  • Rabbit: Babies tights for ears (stuff them with newspaper and place on their head) and cotton wool for a tail.
  • Postman: A hat made from an ice-cream container and an old bag filled with old envelopes or cards – perhaps a whistle too?
  • Magician: Make a cape from an old curtain or a towel. To make a wand use tightly wound. paper. An ice-cream container with a hole in the middle is a great accessory to pull scarves from.
  • Painter: Overalls, cap, bucket or water and brush.

Remember…it’s not what they look like – it’s how they feel, so let their imagination run wild.

Leave us some of your ideas below so others can take inspiration from you!

More Play Ideas can be found online or call the Hotline on 1800 171 882 and ask to speak with a Development Officer.

Kath is a 40-year-old mum of three who works part time and enjoys catching up with other stressed-out mums in her spare time. Usually she’s racing against the clock to make her boys (+ husband) arrive anywhere on time and feels quite the talented mother when two of the three make it out of the house with shoes on!