Multicultural Playgroup

Playgroup WA is funded to facilitate two multicultural playgroups, one in Malvern Springs, Ellenbrook and the other in Brabham which also has a focus on children showing possible signs of developmental delay.  The groups are well established and have been a huge community asset for local families. 


The playgroups are a welcoming and inclusive place that offers opportunities for families to meet and socialize with others in the local community as well as providing a range of information and activities to help families to connect to other services and activities in the local area and to gain knowledge, skills and confidence, through their participation in the group.  A playgroup staff member is on hand to welcome new families and to help them to settle into the playgroup.    


The playgroup is funded under the Federal Government’s Communities for Children program through Swan Alliance, partnership between Mission Australia, Ngala and Anglicare.