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82% of our members told us that at playgroup they have benefited most by making friends with people in their community* 

Welcome to playgroup! A playful place for families with young kids (0-5 years) to have fun together. There are hundreds of playgroups in local communities across WA offering a safe, inclusive, friendly place to regularly meet friends each week. Most playgroups are run by volunteer parents, with support from Playgroup WA.  

“Playgroup day means fun day for both me and my kids.” 

 At playgroup, kids gain social skills by playing with other kids, like sharing, taking turns and learning about others, as well as all the usual benefits of play! It’s great for child development and a sense of belonging in your local community.  

“Since going to playgroup my child has thrived, using more language and confidently interacting with other children. It’s a fun place for the kids to run around and play, while giving parents the peace of mind that the kids will be safe.”  

Parents and caregivers benefit too by making friends with people in their community. This can help with the transition to school, especially when the same families then go on to school together. It’s also a chance to have some quality time with your child doing fun activities.  

“My son and I both love seeing our friends we’ve known since he was born, as well as new friends, at playgroup every week. It’s a lot of crazy fun” 

At playgroup you can do play activities, share stories, have a break, and connect with people when you are new to the area or new to parenting!  

“Playgroup has changed from something to entertain my 2 yo into somewhere we all love going every week that has provided a wonderful support network for me and lifelong friends” 

There are all kinds of playgroups and they all run differently. Some playgroups are large and offer a range of sessions each week. Each session may run differently or be for a specific group. Some are structured and some are casual. There are general community playgroups for everyone and then specific types based on age of child, cultural language groups, Montessori, parents with multiples, intergenerational and more. To find out more about the different types of playgroups, click here.  

Community playgroups are mostly run by volunteer parents in the local community and take place at schools, community centres, church halls, or any where there is a suitable space for families to meet, often with lots of fun toys, crafts and play equipment. You can join a playgroup or start your own!  

“Best thing I ever did. I have recently moved to a new town where I didn’t know anyone. I had one child and another on the way. After I had my second one it took me months to leave the house and build up the courage to go anywhere when I decided to try playgroup. So happy I did. I met so many people and my daughter really came out of her shell. She was shy and wouldn’t say hi to anyone even the checkout operator at the supermarket. Now she will talk to anyone and is really confident in herself which makes me so happy to see. I would always recommend playgroup to anyone who asks.”  

Who can attend playgroup? 

Your annual, family Playgroup WA membership covers children aged 0-5 and their parents, foster carers, grandparents, aunties and uncles, nannies … everyone and anyone interested in the well-being and care of young children.  

Interested in seeing what playgroups are running near you? Head on over to our Find a Playgroup page here.

You can also find out more about the many benefits of playgroup here

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