Building Active Bodies and Brains

08 Hopscotch 80Hopscotch – Hop, Jump and Rotation

This hopscotch game can be set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors and can be adapted to suit the space you have. You can print these foot cut-outs and place them on the ground as markers, lined up in a row. Place markers for two feet in one spot, then one foot in the next, and two feet turned side-ways, in the next spot, and so on.

Your child jumps on the markers with two feet, hops on the marker with one foot, and rotates side-ways when the markers are facing that way.

Helpful Hint: If your child can’t hop yet, they can still try this game. On the marker with one foot, they can practise standing on one leg, which helps develop balance.

08 PGWA029 BABaB Activity Hopscotch