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Playgroup WA Resource Kit

Announcing the new Playgroup WA Resource Kit

Playgroup WA is excited to announce our new Playgroup WA Resource Kit.

This new online resource is packed full of information on the playgroup sector and how to manage playgroups. It is a ‘one-stop destination’ for anyone interested in running, hosting, attending or making policy and funding decisions about playgroups.

The Playgroup WA Resource Kit replaces our previous Playgroup WA Manual. It is a standalone website accessible to the public and provides comprehensive information on a wide range of topics relevant to the playgroup community. It is full of information that families and the community can reference and also includes a variety of useful templates that can be downloaded, edited or printed.

The new resource kit is the result of the hard work of Playgroup WA staff and we hope the community, and importantly, playgroups, find it useful. We welcome your feedback and feel free to share this with others who may be interested.