5 Ways To Play: With a Tray

Incorporating a tray for play time encourages open-ended exploratory play opportunities. They’re perfect DIY activities you can set up easily at playgroup or anywhere such as the park or home.

Setting up play activities using a tray is great for little hands as it can help keep kids focused while leaving them to play how they see best.

Using a kitty litter style tray means you can prep everything in advance and have it ready to go. And when activities are contained to a tray they’re easy to put away and get back out!

There are endless opportunities for play ideas using a tray. Have a look at the 5 we’ve come up with below.

1. Rice/sand/dried beans

Incorporate a variety of cups, scoops, spoons and funnels. This sensory play activity will encourage fine motor skills. It’s also super easy to make and you can colour the rice to incorporate themes if you like!

Tray Play WP Tile 02 1

2. Messy play

Trays are a great way to contain mess. Try making our simple 2 ingredient ooblec and let the kids explore and enjoy this wonderful sensory experience.

3. Spray bottles

Find things that float (or don’t) and get your child to have a go at practicing their squirting skills. Use items such as bottle tops, bath toys, rocks etc. Spray bottles help children develop their fine motor skills and puts little hands to work, strengthening their tiny muscles.¬† Plus spraying things is fun too!

Spray Bottle Image scaled e1648537913353

4. Small world play

Create an imaginary world for your toy animals using natural items. Leaves, flowers, bark, sticks, rocks and shells etc. are a simple way to make a nature play sensory bin.

Nature Play Tray

5. Washing station

This is one of our favourites! Fill the tray up with water, add some washing detergent for bubbles, throw in a sponge, toothbrush or cloth and get the kids to wash their favourite toys, dolls clothes or anything else they want.

Washing toys tray

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