Building Active Bodies and Brains

01 Picnic Games 80Roll and Swing

There are many games you can do with a blanket, at a picnic or at home. You may have done these as a child yourself.

The Milkshake: Two adults each hold two corners of a blanket and swing your child safely inside the blanket. You can chant “A milkshake, a milkshake, a one, a two, a three!” and land them gently down. This game provides a great swinging movement for your child and helps them to learn about their body in space, developing their proprioception sense. This is a great game to do with younger children because it helps develop their sense of balance (and they aren’t too heavy!).

The Sausage Roll: Roll your child up in the blanket on the floor and then unravel them, to give them the experience of rolling.

Please note: If your child does not enjoy swinging activities, please consider consulting a doctor, as this can be a sign of ear problems.