Building Active Bodies and Brains

07 Toy Rescue 80Toy Rescue – Catch and Throw

This is a fun throw and catch game where your child catches their toys to “save” them from a fire and puts them in a safe place, such as a bucket or box. It could be done as a fun way to pack away their toys, or just to play.

Helpful Hint for Catching: Use only soft toys and balls. When you throw a toy to your child, do it with a big, loopy throw. Encourage your child to “look at the toy” with their eyes and have their hands ready to catch it. At first, your child will need to catch the toy between their hands and their body. Larger, soft toys will be easier to do this with. As they practice, you can slowly increase the distance and make the size of the toy smaller.

Helpful Hint for Throwing: By contrast, with throwing, it is often easier for young children to throw smaller, lighter toys, than bigger toys. As your child develops their throwing skills, they can start to aim to throw their toy into a box. You can move it further away, as they improve. You could try throwing a pair of rolled up socks into a washing basket as well.

Throwing and catching are great skills for developing hand-eye coordination and working together with others.