How To Recruit Committee Members for Your Playgroup

Recruiting committee members  

Are you looking at recruiting members for your playgroup committee? Read some of our tips below to help with getting members to join!

  • Provide clear information about the jobs and tasks involved including how much of their free time will be required. You will find most members will be happy to give up a few hours a month.
  • Invite prospective members to attend a committee meeting  
  • Approach parents or caregivers who could do the job or have a nomination system 
  • Consider making it mandatory that each session has one representative on the committee  
  •  Use incentives – for example discounted fees or first choice of sessions  

Keeping your committee members 

Once you have a committee it is important to work in ways that encourage them to continue in their role on the committee. It’s always easier to keep current committee members than it is to find new ones, plus they have invaluable experience that they have gained over the years. 

  • Respect and support each other by sharing the workload and understanding individual commitments 
  • Provide committee members with the information and support they need for the role 
  • Don’t let any position become so big that no one wants to take it over   
  • Acknowledge contributions and show appreciation for member’s efforts  
  • Find ways to show you value each person’s contribution. For example a morning tea for committee members, flowers, a small gift if appropriate, or an end of year committee night out to reward yourselves  
  • If you have a committee member resign try to find out the reasons and take the opportunity to review the operation of the committee 

And don’t forget, Playgroup WA is only a phone call away – if you want more information or are requiring help then call your Development Officer on 6462 8556.