Intergenerational Playgroups celebrate all ages!

Playgroup WA has been supporting intergenerational play opportunities across the state for more than 10 years and we want more people to join in the fun!

“Bringing people from different generations together fosters understanding and builds respect between generations,” said Playgroup WA Development Officer Alicia Harlow – a proud supporter of our Intergenerational Playgroups program.

“Seniors have the chance to enjoy the sense of fun that young children can bring and to share their parenting knowledge and experiences with young parents.”

Intergenerational activities offer opportunities to broaden a child’s life experiences, build acceptance of older people and ‘normalise’ difference.

Like all playgroups, Intergenerational Playgroups are an opportunity for families with young children to come together on a regular basis to interact together through play.

They are fun and open to everyone and do not necessarily require families to be related to the seniors. Many are operating in aged care residential facilities and day centres.

Families attending Intergenerational Playgroups frequently tell us that they find the experience unique as the playgroups are often smaller, more intimate and feel like family.

And next month we’re holding an Intergenerational Play Day at Perth Zoo. For all the event details click here and remember to register by 24th September to receive your 15% Zoo Entry discount (not available on group tickets).

Little Things …

Visit our website at and search by area or playgroup type. Call our Hotline on 1800 171 882 or send an email to

If you wish to start a new playgroup or need information about intergenerational activities don’t forget to get in touch as we can guide you through the process!


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