First 1000 Days – For Parents

First 1000 Days

It takes a village to raise a child (African Proverb)

“Our playgroup is our little village where we have made lifelong friends who are just like family now – they are there for everyone and it’s amazing to watch all our kids grow.”

Through the First 1000 Days project, Playgroup WA will be connecting pregnant and new families with their local playgroup before and after baby arrives. This is a free service.

The First 1000 Days at Playgroup team will support families by providing important connections to social support and links to other community services that are important to new parents, especially those isolated and unable to connect with their own extended family.

The sessions will give parents the opportunity to meet others in their community who are also expecting or have just had a baby. These type of groups help to build a solid, close-knit support network for new and expecting mothers.

Getting out of the house and seeing friendly faces at playgroup and chatting with others can help pregnant mums and new families feel more connected and supported within their local community. Playgroups are just as beneficial for parents as they are about the children.

What is a playgroup?

Playgroup gives new parents and families the opportunity to take some time out and catch up with friends in a relaxed and safe environment.

It’s a fun and playful experience to share with your child and with other families in your local community. To find out more about the benefits of playgroup click here.

“Playgroup provided me with somewhere to go when I had my first baby. I was feeling very isolated and through playgroup I met a community of mums who are now great friends.”

How does First 1000 Days work?

Pregnant Families

Once families contact us, we will get them in touch with playgroups that are running the First 1000 Days at Playgroup program closest to them. Parents will then be invited to come along to a session.

Session times, days and frequency will be dependent on each playgroup and the families who are attending. All sessions are free.

As well as having the opportunity to meet with other first time pregnant parents, Service providers will be invited to come along to talk with families and will cover a range of topics relevant to pregnancy and parenting.

First Time Parents

The First 1000 Days at Playgroup program is also open to first time parents who are interested in joining an existing playgroup and will be offered additional support and guidance.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about the First 1000 Days at Playgroup project please contact one of our Playgroup WA Community Officers via the following way:

Phone: 1800 171 882


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