Get your playgroup running smoothly

Rekindle your passion for running your playgroup with these helpful hints and handy tips to get people involved.

If you want to keep your playgroup on track the best place to start is with the committee looking at what jobs or tasks need to get done. These might include:

  • Tasks relating to the venue
  • Purchasing, maintenance and storage of toys and playgroup equipment
  • Administration and finances
  • Supply, preparation and clean-up of food
  • Packing away
  • Annual clean up
  • Promotion of the playgroup
  • Fundraising

Once the tasks have been identified decide how often they need to be completed. Some tasks will need to be done weekly, some once a term and others once a year. The list can then be a great check list.

If the group makes a list they can then use it to make sure the tasks are completed and all playgroup members can have input into ensuring they are achieved.

It is important to remember that lots of people have useful skills and experience and are happy to help out. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes people don’t know that the workload is hard to manage by one or two people and are only too happy to take some of the load.

Asking for volunteers is a great place to start. Get everybody to tell the group what skills they have, what they are good at or like doing and then look at how the jobs can be matched to the people.

If the playgroup is large with multiple sessions having designated positions with role descriptions may be necessary. For example, the playgroup may decide to have session leaders and committee members to carry out some key tasks.

Little Things …

For more details head over to the Managing Community Playgroups section on our Playgroup WA Resource Kit.