The Top 8 Trampoline Benefits for Kids!

We all know trampolining is fun. It’s hard to keep a huge smile from spreading as you jump around in a state of childlike fun.

But did you know there are also some serious health benefits you can gain from regular trampoline-based activities? And there are plenty of mental benefits for little minds as well!

Here are the top trampoline benefits you can count on for your kids:

1. Heart Health 

Increasing your heart rate with just 10 minutes of bouncing a day strengthens the muscles that are needed for a healthy cardiovascular system. Your kids have so much fun playing and bouncing that they don’t even realise the good they’re doing for their little hearts!

2.  Increased Energy Levels

As your kids bounce, more oxygen is carried around their bodies in the blood stream. This instantly increases their energy levels and makes them feel more alert.

Get your kids moving to kick-start the day with energy!

3. Co-ordination & Motor Skills

Many of us don’t realise it, but jumping on a trampoline takes a certain level of co-ordination [cue the feeling of pride for those of us who have ever been called ‘un-coordinated’]. This is even truer for your kids, as they learn their centre of balance.

Bouncing on a trampoline creates a constantly shifting centre of gravity, which kids must quickly respond to by adjusting their positions and bilateral movements.

This means the combination of jumping, maintaining balance and concentrating all help kids to learn and improve their motor skills, balance and co-ordination – all in one go.

4. Happy Minds

There’s a reason jumping makes everyone feel happy. The increased oxygen circulation stimulates the release of endorphins that are naturally mood-enhancing.

The motion of jumping up and down on a trampoline is fun and a great way for our kiddies to wind down after a big day. The concentration, fun and repetition of rebounding on a trampoline is great for advancing sensory skills.

5. A Confidence Boost!

For kids who are wary of new things and physical activities, trampolines are a great way of building their confidence. There is no right or wrong way to move on a trampoline (provided you are jumping safely) so they experience instant success, which increases their courage and self-confidence.Springfree

6. Learning Made Easy!

It can also help kids’ ability to learn. Through calming kids down and improving their concentration, trampolining can improve kids’ engagement in learning. The trampolines themselves can also be an effective and engaging tool for learning. Counting, jumping onto coloured shapes and following directions are just some of the ways that kids can learn through play.

There’s also been increasing research which shows physical activity can help kids to learn, as it helps with cognitive function. A new trend has emerged called exer-learning, which is exactly what it sounds like – combining exercise with learning!

In fact, Springfree Trampoline has developed world-first sensor technology, which allows kids to play a range of interactive games, which are controlled by jumping around on a trampoline – meaning kids can jump along as they learn repetition, shapes, colours, animals, counting, addition, subtraction and more! New developments like these combine the benefits of activity with educational tools to make learning fun!

 7. A Strong Immune System.

Bouncing on a trampoline is also great for detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system, as it stimulates internal organs and promotes lymphatic circulation. It pushes toxins out of cells and allows nutrients in.

 8. A Breath of Fresh Air!

Just like a trampoline keeps kids healthy because they are being active, it also gets them out into the yard, enjoying fresh air.

Instead of indoor, inactive play, which is becoming an increasing problem for parents, they’ll get their vitamin D in the sun while they’re having fun!

There are so many benefits of trampolines for kids. And thankfully, trampolines themselves have changed a lot since we were kids. There are now safer options available, like Springfree Trampoline’s design – which removes all the hard impact points from the jumping surface. It’s what makes Springfree the world’s safest trampoline.

Enjoy this article? Want to learn more? You can read more about trampoline health benefits on the Springfree Trampoline website.