Playgroups help to support emotional health

Did you know playgroups can help with emotional health during early parenthood?

According to the national depression initiative beyondblue, Post Natal Depression (PND) is quite common and affects up to one in seven Mothers.

Mums and dads with a new baby are being encouraged to talk more openly about mental and emotional wellbeing.

Emotional health is always important, but even more so during early parenthood when parents may be more vulnerable to stress.

Going to playgroup can be a great way of boosting emotional health in early parenthood.

Playgroups help support emotional health

Playgroup helps support emotional health

Playgroups offer multiple opportunities for families to meet others, to make friends and improve social interactions.

Playgroup WA also has a number of playgroups for parents who have PND or anxiety or who may be finding the pressures of being a new parent challenging.  As well as providing opportunities for time-out playing with your children, the playgroups also offer support from others who are experiencing similar things.

Feedback from Mums  has been really positive with families enjoying the opportunity to meet other people who understand what they are going through as well as being able to make new friends. Some of the mums said:

“This playgroup is not for the children, it’s for me.”

“You’ve got a mutual understanding and it’s genuine. “

“Knowing I could help people and they could help me is a real benefit.”


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