Planning a birthday party soon?

baby-1751383_640If you’re planning a kids party- this blog is for you!

Before you reach for the pain relief pills, take a deep breath and mentally psyche yourself up because there are some easy ways to celebrate without breaking the bank or losing your mind!

For some, the best idea is to lock the house and head outside to a park so all the mess and fuss can be eliminated.

Perth-based Park Ideas

Top 10 park suggestions are:

  1. Your closest park which showcases good lawn/grass area with some shady trees and a small, clean play ground
  2. Kings Park, Perth
  3. Whiteman Park, Whiteman
  4. Volcano Park, Belmont
  5. McIntyre Park (Pirate Park), Burns Beach
  6. Kinkuna Park Adventure Playgroup, Allara
  7. Hyde Park, Perth
  8. Memorial Park, Armadale
  9. Heathcote Reserve, Applecross
  10. Pioneer Park, Gosnells

Regional Options

And for our regional readers or those who are happy to take a drive – here are some regional options:

  1. Apple Fun Park, Donnybrook
  2. Yoganup Playground, Busselton
  3. Esperance Foreshore, Esperance
  4. Town Beach or Cable Beach, Broome
  5. Middleton Beach, Albany
  6. Geraldton Foreshore, Geraldton
  7. Lake Leshchenaultia, Chidlow
  8. Rottnest Island
  9. Northcliffe Playground, Northcliffe
  10. Kojonup Playgroup,

Indoor Party Fun


If heading outside isn’t an option – why not ask around at playgroup to see if you can host a party at one of your weekly sessions (or maybe hire the venue over the weekend – but if you choose this just check any insurance requirements and/or council obligations).

Money Matters

Now you’ve got a venue – how do you plan to keep costs down?

One idea I love is to invite the number of children equal to the age your child is turning – e.g. 4 children for a four-year old party; 3 for a three-year old party. But some mums aren’t convinced by this, so do whatever feels right for you! If you have a BIG crowd just ask friends for help to keep things under control!

Another ‘safe’ option is to plan the party over a meal – preferably lunch so you can put out snacks like party pies and sausage rolls; mini pizzas; crackers and dip or other savoury dishes that are fun but filling!

Don’t forget to provide colourful and interesting foods like jelly boats (jelly set into orange moulds then cut into quarters) and fairy-bread (it’s a party so some treat foods are fine – aren’t they? But instead of fizzy drink, just provide water with some cut up fruit for added flavour).

Party Themes

And if you’re feeling particularly creative, why not choose a theme and match all the hats, take home bags and cake?

Some ideas include: pirates, colours, beach, nursery rhymes, storybook or cartoon characters, superheros and princesses.

Keep the party games simple and based around any theme if possible – for example, a treasure hunt and pin the treasure near the “X” for a pirate theme!

Or you might offer an activity. Maybe the children can make their own hat or maybe they can make their own pizza? Keeping children occupied with meaningful tasks will greatly reduce the temptation to create chaos but all ideas should factor in the age of the kids attending and nothing too difficult for little fingers (or parents with befuddled brains …).

And here’s a great tip for those making the cake at home – it’s easier to ice a frozen cake … it holds the icing much better! (Note: Do not ice an ice-cream cake … this tip refers to a standard cake made with flour & frozen prior to the big event …)

Party Bags or Not

Of course, when everyone’s tired and ready for home, it’s your choice whether or not you want to hand out take home bags.

If you’re unsure – remember these little thank you bags don’t have to be filled with lollies. Why not consider wrapping a cup cake in cellophane and attaching a balloon on a straw to it? Or fill with stickers, crayons and other party favourites. Just be sure to give it to the parent and advise they hold onto it for safety reasons. It is a nice idea to add a small thank you note too!

Remember that kid’s birthday parties are not an opportunity to run yourself ragged – they are for celebrating and enjoying your little one who will grow up way too fast whatever you decide to do!

Kath is a mum of three who works part time and enjoys writing and catching up with other stressed out mums in her spare time. Usually she’s racing against the clock to make her boys (+ husband) arrive anywhere on time and feels quite the talented mother when two out of the three make it out of the house with shoes on!