Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Are you looking for outdoor winter activity inspiration to do with your kids?

We all know there are heaps of benefits for children playing outside in winter. So we’ve written some fun outdoor winter nature activities to do with your kids to encourage you all to get outside!

Scavenger Hunt

This is an exciting activity that little ones love. Not only is it fun but it helps them to be aware of their surroundings and encourages their curiosity to learn more about nature. You can make your own very simple list or check out our ideas here.

Egg Carton Nature Walk

Save your egg carton’s and take it along on your next walk to see how many cool things you can collect and fit in it. Or turn it into a scavenger hunt like they’ve done here.

Make a Bird’s Nest

What about making a bird’s nest for your garden? This bird’s nest craft is a great learning activity too.

Muddy Puddle Adventures

Get everyone’s boots on and let the kids go on an outdoor adventure! Jumping and running through puddles exercises kids big muscles, strength and agility. Plus jumping also feeds into our self regulation system helping us to feel good too!

Nature Treasure Box / Sensory Tub

As the season’s change we can explore nature in a variety of ways. Head outside and collect as many nature items as you can find – leaves, sticks, rocks etc.

Once collected make your nature box and add some “treasure” (toys) for little ones to find. Or add some toys for the little ones to enjoy as part loose parts play.

Mud Cakes

You don’t need to have a mud kitchen for this one, old pots, pans, muffin trays and utensils are perfect for this activity. Making mud cakes is lots of fun to play with and see what else they can use around the backyard that can be added in too!

Nature Potions

Nature potions can be done any time of the year. Grab some washable or old bowls and wooden spoons and give your child a list of ‘ingredients’ to hunt down to make there very own potion. Rocks, sand, leaves, herbs (if you have a herb garden), sticks etc. are some ingredient suggestions or let your child take the lead and develop their own special potions.

Little Things….to make the heading outside more enjoyable make sure you rug the kids up with some extra layers. Waterproof clothing is great to pop on as an outer layer. And always make sure you bring some spare clothes with you too! Snacks are appreciated no matter what time of the year it is and warmed up milk or warm milo in a thermos will make a great winter treat.