Birds Nest

NestAnimals have families too! Why not make a bird’s nest for your garden. You never know, a real bird might just move in!

What you need:

  • Straw, grass, twigs and leaves
  • Paper clay or playdough
  • Edicol dye powder
  • A small box

Play with the clay until it is soft and malleable then mold it into a bowl shape. Once you have a nice shape press the straw, grass, twigs and leaves into the clay to make a nest.

Now it’s time to make the eggs, take some clay or playdough and roll it into small balls. Sprinkle a little bit of different coloured edicol dye into a small box. Place your eggs into the box and roll them around to collect the dye. This gives the eggs a really nice speckled look.

Once you are happy with the eggs, place them into the nest.

Extension Idea: Talk to your child about birds and how their eggs turn into baby birds. Who sits on the nest? Is it mummy bird, daddy bird or both?