Mother’s Day – Activity & Craft Ideas

Get creative this Mothers Day! Have a look at some of these cute crafts and activities from our playgroup community to do with your little one for someone special in your life.


For something sweet, why not make some yummy cupcakes as gifts? Click here to see our easy cupcake recipe that is perfect for little ones to get involved in!

Pot plants and flowers

Who doesn’t love to receive flowers? Children always love this activity! Whether it’s potted succulents or decorating pot plants and planting some flowers – there’s always a sense of accomplishment when kids get to present their mums with these thoughtful gifts!

busselton pg mum day 01

Busselton Playgroup

dardanup community pg mothers day 02 e1619059032565

Dardanup Playgroup

Handprint Flowers

The personalised handprint flowers are super sweet and easy to do with little ones. Have a look at it here.

IMG 1753 e1531190977207





Pasta Necklace

Get the kids involved in this great activity that also encourages fine motor skill development. Dye some pasta tubes and using thread, make a lovely necklace! Have a look at how to dye pasta here or watch our Instagram video here.


Homemade keepsakes are always appreciated and we just adore this idea! Getting the little ones to decorate the frames adds a lovely touch to it!

Harvest Lakes Mothers Day Frames

Harvest Lakes Playgroup

bindoon pg mothers day 01

Bindoon Playgroup

Handprint poster

Handprint art is special as it’s a great way to capture how small your kids are as they grow! This creation from Gooseberry Hill Playgroup is so sweet and something that will be treasured.

Gooseberry Hill Mothers Day 01

Gooseberry Hill Playgroup

Hold a morning tea…with a twist!

We love this idea from Earlybirds Playgroup – they held a dad and kids morning tea to give the mums a sleep in!

mothers day activity ideas to do with your child ideas for dad

Image: Earlybirds Playgroup







Decorative Love heart posters

This is a simple activity that is perfect for little hands! All you need are scrap pieces of tissue paper, coloured paper, sequins, glitters etc. and some glue – then leave the rest up to the little ones to decorate!

naturaliste famile pg mothers day 02

Naturaliste Family Playgroup

gwelup community corner pg mothers day 01

Gwelup Community Corner Playgroup



capel pg mothers dat 01 e1619059151674

Capel Playgroup


Thumbprint Butterfly Mugs

Using acrylic paint, dip your child’s thumb into the paint (you may want to stamp it onto some paper or card to remove excess) and then stamp it onto the mug. Using other colours (and making sure your child’s thumb is cleaned) stamp two prints on either side to create wings. Set the mug aside to dry (for 24 hours). For long lasting results cover with some modge podge once dried.

IMG 1977 scaled e1588226300979





Personalised oven mitts / aprons / tote bagsĀ 

This is a fun craft little ones will love! Let them get creative and decorate plain colour oven mitts, an apron or a canvas tote bag with some fabric markers/paint or acrylic paint. For something even more personal, decorate the items with your little one’s handprints.

handprint flowers tote2 apron





Fingerprint/Handprint Pots

Using a terracotta pot and acrylic paints, decorate the pots with handprints or get your little one to paint their very own creation! Plant some flowers or herbs for a great gift that can be used for many years.

handprint pots





Image Source: Pinterest
Salt Dough Ornament

These ornaments are wonderful keepsakes that will last forever! You can have a look at our salt dough recipe here.


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