Easter Activity & Craft Ideas

Here are some of our favourite Easter crafts from our Playgroup community to get you inspired!


Easter Egg Baskets

Each child can create their very own Easter egg basket! You’ll need some paper plates, shredded paper, paper strips and Easter treats of your choice.

An image of an Easter egg basket craft activity you can do at playgroup or at home.

Aubin Grove Playgroup


Dyeing Easter Eggs

Using hard boiled eggs, use food dye to colour the eggs! To make patterns, use rubber bands to wrap around the shell or draw on the shell with wax crayons (the dye will dye the egg but the wax drawings will stand out).

Dee Taafee Easter

Photo: Dee Taaffe

Chocolate playdough

We love this idea! Using our playdough recipe, reduce the flour by 1/4 cup and then add in 1/2 cocoa powder. Smells wonderful – enjoy!

Gemma Kate Easter

Photo: Gemma Kate









Decorating Easter Egg Cut Outs

This is a really great craft for toddlers. Simply cut out an Easter egg shape from paper or card and let the kids decorate it! You can use things like cookie cutters, toilet paper rolls or finger paints. You can even cover the cut out with glue and get young ones to decorate with tissue paper or items from the garden.

Atwell PG Easter

Photo: Atwell Playgroup









IMG 0851

Photo: Michelle Roberts, Playgroup WA Development Officer

IMG 0850 1


Marie Haines Easter1

Photo: Marie Haines

Perenjori PG Easter 02

Photo: Perenjori Playgroup

Perenjori PG Easter 01










Footprint Bunnies

We love this sweet idea from Wombat Playgroup! This could be a great one to drop off to grandparents too.

Little Wombats Easter Craft 05


Little Wombats Easter Craft 01

Photo: Little Wombats Playgroup










Make your own Easter egg baskets

Using egg cartons and whatever crafts you have on hand, get the little ones to decorate their very own baskets!

Atwell Playgroup Easter Egg Baskets

Atwell Playgroup









Mt Hawthorn Easter Basket

Mt Hawthorn Playgroup









Biscuit Decorating

Always a favourite with the little ones! And a great little treat for after as well. Let the kids have fun decorating their own biscuits with icing and whatever toppings you like! Smarties, M&Ms, lollies, marshmallows etc. always work a treat. Capel Playgroup’s creations below are great!

Capel PG Easter Craft

Photo: Capel Playgroup










Easter Bunny Ears

How about making and decorating bunny ears? Similar to Easter egg cutouts, you can get as creative as you like! Tissue paper, sequins, card, biodegradable coloured packing peanuts, pom poms are great options.

Easter craft idea for young children to do at home or playgroup

Gooseberry Playgroup


young children doing an Easter craft and activity and having lots of fun at playgroup

Willetton Playgroup

Mt Hawthorn Bunny Ears

Mt Hawthorn Playgroup

Easter Egg Suncatchers

These are gorgeous to display around your playgroup or at home! Using clear contact paper and card to make the egg shape you can then let the kids have fun decorating with tissue paper, lace and whatever else you like!

Willetton Easter Craft









Easter Bunny Food

This idea looks like so much fun! Children can make up a bag of bunny food especially for the Easter bunny. Check out how Harvey Playgroup did it.

Harvey PG Bunny Food 01 Harvey PG Bunny Food

Egg Carton Decorating

This is a fun way to recycle your egg cartons. Kids can paint and decorate their egg cartons which they can then use for their egg hunts! Great idea from Kelmscott Playgroup.

Kelmscott Egg Carton Decorations 01 Kelmscott Egg Carton Decorations 02

Easter Themed Rainbow Rice

Sensory play is always fun because you adapt it to suit all types of themes! Perenjori Playgroup  and Harvest Lake Playgroup made these awesome colourful rice trays and filled it with Easter themed goodies!

Perenjori PG Easter Rainbow Rice 03Harvest Lakes PG Easter 02


Do you have any other fun Easter activity ideas? Let us know below or tag us on your socials!