Mothers Day Activity – Handprint Flowers

We love this Mothers Day idea as it is a fun activity which all the little ones can take part in.

What you’ll need…IMG 1728 e1525613133116
– butcher paper or card
– finger paints (assortment of colours)
– paint brushes or trays to pour paint into


What you’ll do…
1. Start by painting or drawing on a stem onto each piece of paperIMG 1732




2. Get each child to dip their hand into the paint (or paint directly onto their hand) and place their handprint on either side of the stem IMG 1733 e1525613213495





3. Repeat for other hand, placing handprints on alternate sides

IMG 1736 e1525613299410 IMG 1740 1





4. Connect the handprints with green ‘stems’ to resemble a flower with petals

5. Finish it off with a cute message along the bottom, we chose: These are the hands you used to hold, when I was X years old. Happy Mothers Day!

IMG 1753 e1525613425115








Little things….you can add embellishments to the flower if you like – stickers, glitter, ribbons etc. will look great. (As I was dealing with a 3 year old boy he was pretty happy with adding only one ribbon!)