Handy tips to keep you safe when cycling

Blog 11 - Handy tips to keep you safe when cyclingWith the cooler autumn weather our kids will be itching to get outside and play. This will no doubt include the all-time favourite; riding a bike. Bikes are great for fitness and fun but what can you do to ensure your children are safe when riding?

SDERAFirst, explore your suburb and find a bike path your whole family can ride on. Did you know – children under 12 can ride on foot paths (unless otherwise marked) according to The Road Traffic Code 2000 (WA)?

Next – have you ever been tempted to purchase a bike your child can grow into? Just imagine trying to run in shoes too big for you. Pretty dangerous isn’t it? The same applies to bicycles. It’s important to choose a bike that is the right size for your child.

No matter what age your kids are, they’re not too young to start learning how to look after their bike. Teach them to go through a bicycle safety checklist each time they go for a ride. Not only will this demonstrate good practice, they will be able to flag issues with their bike before it becomes a problem. Hopefully this will transfer to when they get older and start to drive a car!

Wearing a helmet when riding a bike is a legal requirement in WA. You should ensure that your child’s helmet fits correctly and meets the Australian Standards Mark (AS 2063.2 or AS/NZS 2063). It should be light (less than 350g is best) and of a bright colour to increase visibility when out on the road. Avoid second hand helmets and replace the helmet if it has been subjected to a severe blow or is showing signs of wear and tear.

Little Things …

Read more information on bicycle safety.


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