Discovery Bottle

Discovery Bottles WP TileThese bottles will entertain your little ones while also creating a fun and engaging play challenge.

What you need:

  • Empty, clean and dry plastic bottles. Ones with larger necks and openings are best for this project. 
  • Your choice of filler material. Dyed dry rice in various colours, lentils or beads work well.  
  • Objects for discovery such as: Mini toys like cars/ dinosaurs/ butterflies/ bugs/ ladybirds/ flowers/ leaves/shells etc. 
  • Extra Idea: For a magnetic discovery bottle try adding in metal items such as paper clips, cut pipe cleaners, metal washers etc. For this idea you’d also need a magnet.

How to make:

  1. Remove labels from bottle. Wash & dry.
  2. Insert sticks into the bottle
  3. Scoop your chosen elements into the bottle (you may need the funnel) – you don’t need to fill it up too much
  4. Close lid tightly and secure with insulation tape if you like
  5. Give it to your child to play with!

Little things…these bottles create fun learning opportunities for kids. Group the objects into themes according to your child’s interests. Could be anything such as dinosaurs, space, nature, colours, sounds etc. Ask questions like “how many dinosaurs can you find?”, “How many pink flowers are there?”.