Organising your AGM or End of Year Meeting

We are heading into that time of the year again when lots of playgroups will be holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

If your playgroup is Incorporated this is a legal requirement guided by your constitution, for all other playgroups this could be a simple an end of year meeting.

The AGM or end of year meeting is an important event for every Playgroup. It gives its members, and the committee a broad overview of the playgroup’s operations over the past year, including the playgroup’s financial position and confirms its purpose. It is also a time to revitalise the playgroup through the engagement of members into key management positions. Most importantly, ideally the AGM or end of year meeting should be a positive experience where people go away firmly committed to the playgroup and its goals.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead for your playgroup’s AGM or end of year meeting is important for incorporated playgroups in ensuring that you meet your legal requirements and important for all playgroups as a way to let everyone know what to expect and how they can participate and get involved.

Planning ahead also helps to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to let everyone know about the meeting, promote the importance of members taking on committee/leadership roles and responsibilities and have an effective and enjoyable meeting.  Planning for and notifying members about how they can nominate or volunteer for a position can help make the whole process to be a bit more relaxed.

Tips for organising your committee

Rather than waiting until the AGM or end of year meeting to seek nominations for the committee/group leaders, you may like to think about the strengths and interests of your members and try

  • approaching individuals about taking on a role
  • letting everyone know what the various roles entail
  • having a general chat with families during playgroup sessions
  • encouraging a few people to do it together or share roles
Tips for organising the AGM

It can also be a good idea to think about what sort of AGM or end of year meeting you would like to have. Consider the following:

  • Do you want to combine the AGM with a social event or as part of an enrolment process?
  • What day/time will suit the members best and is therefore more likely to get people attending?
  • How can you make it informative, fun and friendly and still get the business of the AGM or end of year meeting achieved?

More information about holding an AGM is here.  You can also contact your Development Officer if you would like more help in exploring this topic.