Incursion ideas for your playgroup

Looking for incursion ideas to do at playgroup?

Incursions are a fun way for little ones to learn from new experiences. Meeting new faces and participating in new activities is great to encourage their social skills. It’s also nice to plan out the playgroup year with some exciting activities.

Have a look at some of the following ideas our playgroup community recently recommended from what they’ve done.

Incursion Ideas

If you have the budget, these are some suggested incursions that our playgroups have organised.

  • First Aid Program: St Johns hold an Early Years Childhood program (for the older kids, aimed at 4-6 year olds) which also includes a fun Ambulance visit as well.
  • Fire Engine: organise a special visit with a fire engine company to come along for the kids to participate in a ‘fire hose drill’ or a special ride around the block.
  • Aged care visitors: contact your local aged care facility to see if they’d like to organise some seniors to come along to a session.
  • Messy play company: there are wonderful messy play companies around WA that you can hire to organise fun activities! Bonus is that they set up and clean up for you.
  • Bunnings: Having a garden makeover? Wanting to plant a herb garden? In some instances, Bunnings will assist local community organisations with hands-on support. You can find more information here.
  • Scitech: hold various incursions such as a science show, workshops and more. Click here for more information.
  • Dance / music incursions: dancing and playing with (loud!) musical instruments is a fun way for little ones to use up a lot of energy especially during the cooler months! There are quite a few dance companies who offer incursions, some recommended from the community are Happy Feet, Boogie Roos, Jo Jingles and Edan Dance Company.
  • Face painting: so many kids love face painting! Why not hire a special themed face painter to come along to a themed session and encourage the children to dress up also?
  • Bubbles: hands-on bubbles is a great, all inclusive activity the little ones will have fun with. There are a few companies that specialise in mega bubbles that are very entertaining to watch, especially when they’re big and you can fit inside of them!
  • Aboriginal Incursions: connect children to the indigenous community with visits from local elders, participate in Aboriginal storytelling, arts and crafts and more.

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