Box play – Toddler

box play toddlerBoxes are a cheap and easy way to expand your child’s creativity.

Did you know?

Toddlers are beginning to explore the ideas of pretend play. A pretend car is easy to make from a box and some paper plates. Add your own racing colours if you have paint handy.

Add language

While your toddler is climbing in and out of boxes it is a great time to help them learn position words. Try just naming what they are doing “in, out, on, through’.

Other development

As your toddler climbs in and through they are learning about their body’s position in space. This is an important skill required for more complex learning and development later on.


Pushing a box car weighted with books and teddies can be a fun way of calming a busy toddler.

Sitting in a box car can help busy toddlers to settle for a more focused activity e.g. Book reading or threading macaroni.

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. Check out box play for babieschildren and playgroups.


Activities listed under “toddler” are suitable for children aged 1-3 years. Toddlers enjoy activities that include exploring their environment and finding out how things work.