Christmas Craft Ideas

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, lots of little ones will love doing Christmas themed crafts! If you’re feeling particularly festive and looking for some inspiration, check out what some of our playgroups have done below.


DIY Christmas Aprons

We love this idea Рnot only is it a fun activity, but a lovely keepsake too! 
Albany PG Hungry Caterpillars01 Xmas Aprons


Christmas Ornaments

Decorate paper plates, popsicle sticks or pre-cut Christmas trees and stars with various items such as tinsel, pom-poms, glitter, paint etc. for a lovely handmade ornament to hang from the tree. Have a look at these creative ideas from some of our playgroups!

St Pius X Manning Xmas03

St Pius X Manning Christmas Wreaths

St Pius X Manning Xmas02

St Pius Manning Christmas Ornaments

Gwelup PG Xmas Craft

Gwelup Community Corner Playgroup

Busso PG Xmas Ornaments

Busselton Playgroup

Gwelup PG Xmas Decorations for Party 01

Gwelup Community Corner Playgroup

Mt Barker Xmas Baubles 01

Mt Barker Xmas Baubles 02

Mt Barker Playgroup

Yummy Christmas themed Treats

How gorgeous are these reindeer cookies from Hellenic Playgroup did? This activity is very easy (and yummy!) and the kids will absolutely love decorating their own cookies.

Hellenic PG Christmas04 e1605585150226 Hellenic PG Christmas08 e1605585168449


Or you could even decorate gingerbread men like Coastal City Playgroup did!

Coastal City Beach Decorating gingerbread

Santa and Snow Men Craft

How cute are these little snowmen and Santa’s? This activity is very simple and perfect for little ones! Give them the materials and let them decorate as they like. Below we’ve had one playgroup use paper chains and another use paper plates.

North Beach Santa Snowmen Craft 02 e1605585395692 North Beach Santa Snowmen Craft 05 e1605585407800

North Beach Santa Snowmen Craft e1605596797416

North Beach Playgroup

Settlers Xmas paper Plate Santa and Decorations 01

Settlers Xmas Paper Plate Snowman 01

Settlers Playgroup Australind

Fingerprint Fairy Lights

Just like our thumbprint fairy lights activity, this one is cute craft to do that is also a lovely keepsake. Some of the families at Kelmscott Playgroup made them and the results are great!

Kelmscott Xmas Finger Print Xmas Lights 01

Kelmscott Playgroup

Sensory Activity Stations

Sensory play is always a hit with little ones and we these Christmas themed sensory play stations look like heaps of fun! Different material options could include rice, DIY snow, shredded coconut or sand mixed in with various Christmas items such as pom poms, decorations, beads etc. to give it an Xmas twist! Pearsall-Hocking and Harvest Lakes did this below.

Pearsall Hocking PG Christmas e1605586042974

Pearsall-Hocking Playgroup

Pearsall Hocking PG Christmas 10 e1605585526152

Pearsall-Hocking Playgroup

Pearsall Hocking PG Christmas 03 e1605585550727

Pearsall-Hocking Playgroup

Harvest Lakes Snow

Harvest Lakes Playgroup

Reindeer Hats

This gorgeous craft idea done by Gooseberry Hill Playgroup and we think they’re very cool! Make the antlers from a cut out of your child’s handprint and get them to stick them on and decorate.

Gooseberry Hill PG Reindeer Hat 01 Gooseberry Hill PG Reindeer Hat 02

Christmas Tree Painting

Draw or print out a Christmas tree template and let the kids painting up a storm! The Play Factory Playgroup did a brilliant job with this craft and we love the use of a peg and cotton wool ball for paintbrushes.

The Play Factory Xmas Tree Painting 05

The Play Factory Xmas Tree Painting 02

Mistletoe…or should we say, mistletoes?

How cute is this craft? It’s super simple and an easy one to do with all kids plus it’s a wonderful keepsake to have for years.

Settlers Xmas Mistletoes 01

Settlers Playgroup

Keen for more? Have a look at some of our favourite and easy activity ideas you can do with little ones here. 

We always love seeing what you get up to. If you’re doing Christmas crafts with your group don’t forget to tag us so we can share the fun!