Celebrating traditions: an important part of a child’s development

Celebrating traditions are not just fun but an important part of a child’s development.

Many of us can think back to our childhood and recognise fun and special traditions we celebrated together with our families. Whether it was birthdays, Christmas, school holidays or other culturally celebrated events – these memories mark a special time in our childhood.

It’s never too early to start establishing rituals and traditions with your little ones.

Benefits of celebrating traditions

Whatever your culture, religion or family circumstances, celebrations and special events are an important part of childhood.

  • Creates a sense of belonging

Celebrating traditions fills your child with excitement and stability. Special days offer opportunities to help create a sense of belonging that’s crucial to healthy social and emotional development.

  • Develops language development

Singing special songs that are related to the celebration and talking about how your family celebrates are great ways to encourage language development. It’s also a good opportunity to introduce new words to babies and young toddlers. For example, providing the words to the objects young babies might be looking at.

  • Helps mark the passage of time

For older children, seasonal celebrations can help develop time concepts. Phrases like “Christmas is in 5 more sleeps”; “Your birthday is after daddy’s birthday”; “in the morning we will…then at night we can watch the fireworks” encourages this concept of time in growing brains.

  • Develops thinking and reasoning skills

Logic and reasoning skills are the ability to think through problems and apply strategies to solve them. Involving your child in the planning for celebrations, making special decorations or preparing food is a great way to encourage this. Plus being included and ‘helpful’ develops your child’s self-esteem and confidence too!

  • Encourages cultural awareness

Joining in on festivals and celebrations occurring locally can help your child and family feel more connected to your community. It also helps children develop an understanding of and respect for differences.

Celebrations and traditions define what your family’s values and routines are. And it’s these memories that your family will cherish for years to come.

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