Ways to share the playgroup workload

Blog 2 - Ways to share the playgroup workloadFrom time to time sharing the workload among playgroup families can cause concern and at times result in drama if not dealt with promptly. Your playgroup may have an issue with sharing the workload if any of the following happen:

  • Have you ever complained (or heard someone else in your playgroup complain) that no one will ever take on such-and-such a job and you’re stuck with it again?
  • Does it frequently happen that the person whose turn it is to organise an activity doesn’t turn up?
  • Do you find the toy clean-up roster sheet remains blank for weeks until the same four people as last year grudgingly turn up again and do all the work?
  • Does your playgroup dread the AGM because no one volunteers to join the committee or become a session leader?

One great way to move forward is to SHIFT the focus from negative to positive.

Think about all the ways you’re benefitting from being involved and what you’re learning. Don’t worry that someone else isn’t helping – they might not know how to get involved or they might be scared they might do something wrong!

By watching you enjoy yourself more people will be willing to lend a hand. Volunteering has its own rewards and by empowering people to join in – without fear of being judged if they do something in their own way – you will soon find the whole dynamic changes!

Little Things you can do

For more details head over to the Managing Community Playgroups section of the Playgroup WA Resource Kit.