Playgroup can wear many hats – one mum’s story

making music playgroupOur playgroup is back in full swing after the recent two-week term break and everyone is happy to have the weekly opportunity to catch up!

I find our playgroup is a great place for parents to swap stories (adult interaction is one of its top selling points!) and because our playgroup members come from all walks of life there’s a lot to chat about and different points of view to consider.

We all agree that the life of a parent is a ‘journey’, ‘challenge’ and ‘experience’.

But I’m proud to be a parent and I’m thankful for playgroup and the great sense of community it provides.

I’m also grateful to our local school where our playgroup is co-located. The support from the principal, deputies, teachers and staff is amazing and help us to understand the pathway to school.

Playgroup provides a myriad of opportunities for our children and I’m thankful for these too.  Our children learn, interact and explore through outdoor play, indoor play with toys, dress ups, puzzles and activities and they especially enjoy our craft activities each week.

So what does our playgroup look like? Here’s a sneaky peek at one of our sessions …

Each week we encourage a volunteer to pick a book to entertain the little ones in our story time corner. As a recent Storyteller of the Week I choose my son’s favourite book – The Noisy Bear by Nick Bland – to entertain the troops.

Next was our ‘craft’ time where our little ones made noisy music shakers with cups, pasta and cupcake holders.  This simple, fun sensory activity focused on sight, sound and colour helping to develop the children’s gross motor and cognitive skills.

I really enjoy watching the children creating and learning; we often get caught up in our busy lives and I find it’s really important to take a moment to get creative and even see it as a great way to recharge.

But my most favourite thing about this activity was having the opportunity to spend time with my son – his face just lit up after making the shaker with me!

These moments spent with your little one will bond you together. A moment to cherish, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Linda is a ’30-something’ year old, every day mum of two energetic boys (who inspire her and keep her on the go!). A social butterfly who enjoys coffee catch ups and outings with friends, her family life and is a passionate writer who also finds time to co-ordinate the local playgroup at Golden Bay Primary School!