Parenthood is Unbelievable

peekaboo playgroupI only need one word to sum up my life as a parent – unbelievable.

Yes, this one word says it all.

And if you were to think about it, I bet, you would agree with me!

You see, whether it’s a good or bad day – things never really go to plan.

So for me, parenting is unbelievable but in the best kind of way and here’s why:

Best experience of my life

I would never change it, even if I knew then what I now know – and trust me I know a lot now. Don’t we all?


Children bring out skills, abilities and strengths I never knew existed in myself. It has taught me so much and helped me grow as a person.


Yes, family life is never-ending. If you don’t get it at the beginning, you soon will. Wear that parent badge with honour. It’s not easy raising children, otherwise everyone would be doing it!


Face it, we all have stories. Especially those embarrassing ones. You’re not alone.

Sense of purpose in life

I’m challenged every day as a parent but it gives me a great sense of purpose. Raising my children is just part of who I am and I am proud of what I am doing.

Part of the journey

We are all on our own journey in life. For me, raising children is a big part of my story and I embrace the experience.

And at the end of day, we’re all trying to do the best we can. We want the best for our children.

Whether you read a parenting book, attend a parenting classes, take advice from family and friends or health care professionals, ultimately you do what you think is best.


It’s not perfect or magic. It’s parenting. You might not always get it right and yes you might even make a mistake or two – you’re only human.  Breathe. It’s allowed.

Judgement and Advice

Yes, you will get judged, either way it comes with the territory. Advice wanted or unwanted, take it and figure it out down the track.

Take the good, the bad and everything in between.

Every child is different and unique.  It makes the world an interesting place.

That’s the big picture at the end of the day.

Linda is a ’30-something’ year old, every day mum of two energetic boys (who inspire her and keep her on the go!). A social butterfly who enjoys coffee catch ups and outings with friends, her family life and is a passionate writer who also finds time to co-ordinate the local playgroup