Fun ideas for a playgroup tea party

tea party childWinter is officially behind us BUT we all know the cold days will probably stick around for another few weeks.

If you’re looking for something to do at playgroup while awaiting the warmer weather – hosting a tea party can be a fun way to socialise and a great excuse to ‘play dress ups’.

Did you know?

Hosting a tea party at playgroup is a lovely way for children to role play and work with their peers to create a fun, engaging play environment.

Tea time

Yes, tea parties are all the rage at the moment. If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic you could set a theme and make some invitations to match.

When working out a menu – remember to share the load and ask each family to bring a plate of food but be mindful of allergies or intolerances.

To avoid things getting too expensive or competitive, give everyone a hint about to bring (see our list below for some top ideas! Scones are the cheapest and quickest to make and there are endless variations, both savoury and sweet.)

Ways to decorate

If your playgroup has a fancy tablecloth – get it out! Otherwise a piece of lace curtain will do.

Ask the children to pluck a simple flower from the garden to decorate the table or get everyone to draw a flower for their place setting.

And if the playgroup budget can stretch, get some coloured plastic cups, plates and cutlery to make things a bit more fun.

Setting up

Take the picnic outdoors if the sun is shining (just remember to be SunSmart too) or make sure the area is warm and cosy if it’s a cool spring day!

Quiet background music can help set the mood.

If time is limited – split parents into two groups – one group can supervise the kids while the other sets up.

Food ideas

  1. Pinwheel sandwiches – remove crusts from very fresh bread, add Vegemite, peanut paste or fish paste and roll up tightly. Cut into slices
  2. Fairy sandwiches – use biscuit cutters to cut interesting shapes, or cut very small
  3. Cupcakes – made to your favourite recipe
  4. Sausage rolls – Cut into smaller sizes
  5. Honey crackles or another similar treat

Want more Play Ideas for home or playgroup? Search our online catalogue of play ideas now or call the Hotline on 1800 171 882 and ask to speak with a Development Officer.

Kath is a mum of three who works part time and enjoys writing and catching up with other stressed out mums in her spare time. Usually she’s racing against the clock to make her boys (+ husband) arrive anywhere on time and feels quite the talented mother when two out of the three make it out of the house with shoes on!