Making books – Toddler

making books toddlerMaking a book with your toddler is simple and fun to do.

Did you know?

Making the book together is a good way to talk about which way the words and pictures work within a book.

Add language

Providing pictures for your toddler to choose between can assist your child’s language development. “Shall we put the dog or the cat next?” Sorting pictures helps with their grouping and categorisation skills.

Other development

Junk mail is great for tearing or cutting out pictures to make into books.

Rubbing the glue on the back of the picture is a fun activity for this age and helps develop pre-writing skills (or finger coordination).


Children of this age often have strong favourites. Making a book about your child’s favourite colour or animal can help develop their sense of self.

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. See how making books can be a fun activity for babieschildren and playgroups.


Activities listed under “toddler” are suitable for children aged 1-3 years. Toddlers enjoy activities that include exploring their environment and finding out how things work.

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