Helmet safety: Keeping head injuries at bay

SDERAMost cycling and scooting injuries don’t involve another vehicle, but occur when children fall off their bike or scooter after crashing into a pole, curb or fence.

In fact, head injuries are the main cause of death and disability to cyclists. It is the law in WA to wear a bike helmet when riding a bike on the road, footpath or cycle path. Children riding bikes with training wheels or sitting in a baby seat behind an adult must also wear a bike helmet.

Fitting your child’s helmet:

  • Choose an Australian Standard Approved helmet.
  • Measure the child’s head before purchasing in order to select the correct size.
  • It should fit two child finger widths above your child’s eyebrows.
  • Adjust the straps. The side strap should form a ‘Y’ shape below your child’s ears and the buckle should fit snuggly under the chin.
  • Do the push test once fastened. If the helmet can be pushed back and forwards then it won’t protect the front or the back of the head in a fall. The helmet is too big.

If you want to make helmet safety more fun – try singing this song use Pop Goes the Weasel as the tune!

Round and round the cycle path

I always wear my helmet

No matter where I ride my bike

I put on my helmet.

Little Things …

Read more information on bicycle safety.



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