Halloween Craft Idea – Spooky Ghost

I don’t know about you, but I really love Halloween. And since having children I enjoy it even more. With Halloween comes lots of creative themed fun for the little ones – here is a very simple and easy idea of a craft activity that you can enjoy with your playgroup.

My tips for this activity: can get a bit messy with the glue, so be aware! Also, it turns out my three year old wasn’t a fan of a “spooky” ghost so we did a happy ghost which he really liked!

Here’s how to make your spooky ghost…

What you’ll need:

– White card
– Black paper
– Scissors
– Craft glue
– Cotton balls
– Paint brush

What you do:

1. Draw an outline of a ghost on the white card – it doesn’t need to be fancy, I just free-hand drew this oSteo01ne (as you can tell!) and cut it out




2. Paint the white card with glue (note: might be a good idea to put the glue in a container first)Step02




3. Stick the cotton balls on Step04




4. Cut out eyes and a mouth for the ghost with the black card (I had mine pre-cut already so they could select which ones they wanted to use) and glue them on top of the cotton balls and voila! A spooky (and a happy) ghost!






I think these would also look really cool hung up around the room as well! Enjoy!


Lisa is a mum to two spirited young boys who encourage her to beat the record of how many times someone can say “please don’t climb that” in one day. She loves getting together with friends, converses mainly in TV and movie quotes and feels she will never have achieved it all until every single sock in her house is paired.