Advertorial: Safety Tips For You & Your Baby These Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and we’re betting you’re already shopping up a storm for your little ones! While there is nothing like watching children’s faces light up as they open their presents, please remember that with toys and games comes risks.

 Clutter is actually a safety hazard. Children can trip over toys and pull on or suck on them. Some Dreambabytoysof these toys can then come apart and present a very real choking hazard. After supervised play it’s best to pack toys safely away in secured drawers or cupboards or use either a toy chain or toy hammock to keep toys up and out of reach tidily.

Overheating can be a problem at Christmas time as all Australians know. While adults can just about suffer through, it’s dangerous for babies and young children to overheat – here are a few simple guidelines:

Never over fold blankets, even if they are made from the lightest of materials. We often fold blankets to make them look neat and to fit properly but by folding, or over-folding them, we are actually creating new layers of blanket and additional heat without even realising it.

Keep babies’ rooms cool – use a room temperature thermometer to check the room Dreambabycrocclocktemperature (even if you have air-con). Also use a muslin when you are out and about with baby to protect from the sun. Use clips to fold back part of the muslin though to allow proper airflow.

Get down on all fours and look up at the world from the point of view of a crawling child. It’s amazing the hidden dangers you will immediately identify especially around Christmas such as dropped coins and decorations (a choking hazard) and medicines (a poison and choking hazard). Pick up anything you see on the floor and regularly sweep and vacuum your floors. Move sharp objects, knives and poisons including medicines out of the reach of children. Keep them up high where they can’t be reached and in secured cupboards.

Remove tablecloths – yes I’m sorry as it may impact on the look of your Christmas table setting but crawling children can reach up and pull them down – a problem if you have heavy articles on the table including pepper grinders and candlesticks as they will come tumbling down too, potentially harming your child.

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