How I found my ‘village’ at playgroup

A recent article was published on MamaMia detailing one mum’s first visit to playgroup (read the full article here) and we thought it was timely to re-publish the following piece from one of our playgroup member’s who recently moved to a new regional community and the importance of finding your ‘village’.

Living in the South West is pretty much like all the pictures you’ve seen.

There are beautiful landscapes and farmer’s markets and happy families frolicking along white sandy beaches.

However, for all its epic proportions and amazing beauty, it can be a little isolating at times.

Unless you’ve lived here all your life, moving to the South West means being away from close family, friends and the familiarity that comes with having lived in the same place for a while.

Uprooting means making new friends, new connections, and getting involved in small communities.

Group of little children dancing holding hands and enthusiastically watching the boy, who laughs with joyThat’s where, for a parent of small children who spends the majority of the day conversing in the broken English of a toddler and reheating cups of tea multiple times, playgroup is a little patch of time to have some adult conversation with other parents while the kids can just be kids.

Playgroup is where the local parents get together, and where friendships can be made over a cup of coffee while a dozen or so little people all vie for the same toy.

I’m relatively new to playgroup in Cowaramup, and it feels good to know that there is a group of people who come together every week that I can ask for advice about parenting, diffusing tantrums and how to grow my veggies.

The diversity of parents and children means there’s always something interesting to talk about.

On mornings where the sky is looking a bit dreary and memories of the sleepless night before still linger, going to playgroup can be the lift I need to get through the day.

Aimee Claire is a twenty-something mum living in Cowaramup. She is a photographer of weddings and people and loves adventuring and exploring where she lives with her little family.