Embracing winter at playgroup

Poor sick teddy in bed with thermometer under armIt’s that time of the year again when bugs, coughs and colds start making life miserable!

So if your little one is unwell it’s best that you stay with them at home until they’ve recovered but what about those in between days? Should a cough or a sniffle keep you at home?

Perhaps this is best discussed at playgroup before the winter chills set in – families attending a particular session will be able to determine what works best for them. For example, one session might have pregnant mums or newborns who could do without exposure to ‘common bugs’ while another session made up of toddlers and four-year olds might be a little more tolerant to a minor sniffle or cough.

Just remember that it’s unfair to other children and adults to be exposed unnecessarily to viral and bacterial infections.

And if you need some ‘official’ help, check with the Health Department or refer to its current guidelines online for any health and safety questions – don’t rely on the opinions of parents or anecdotal information!

More information:


For questions regarding specific illnesses or diseases visit the Health Department’s online resource – Healthy WA.

For telephone advice for your unwell baby or child call Health Direct – a 24-hour hotline for health information from the Health Department – 1800 022 222.