Channel 9 Spends Time With Our Grandparent’s Playgroup

Playgroup WA provided a wonderfully, colourful backdrop to Channel 9’s morning weather updates on Monday 22 May.

The news service crossed  four times to Playgroup WA’s North Perth Community Room to check in on the Grandparent’s Playgroup which meets weekly at the venue.

All of the grandparents were excited to  share their stories and promote the many benefits attached to attending playgroup with their grandchildren.

If you missed it – please check out the video links below:

The first cross:

Playgroup WA CEO David Zarb:

More from our playgroup families:

Ending things with a song:

Grandparent Playgroups

Playgroup WA promotes grandparents attending playgroups across the State – there are specific grandparent playgroups operating in North Perth, South Fremantle and Melville and loads of grandparents attending regular playgroup sessions in the ‘burbs as well as our country community playgroups.

So if you know of a grandparent caring for their grandchildren who might benefit from going to playgroup (and let’s face it, going to the park in winter is not always fun), encourage them to get in touch with Playgroup WA who will help them to find a group on a day and time that suits them!

And if you attend a community playgroup start spreading the word that grandparents are welcome – you’ll tap into an amazing wealth of experience and the grandparents will surely benefit from your knowledge of selfies and social media!

Spread the news

Remember, playgroup is a low cost activity for babies and children and a great way for adults to access community support.

Many little ones make their first friends at playgroup and an increasing number of adults tell us their playgroup is where they finally found their ‘village’.

There are playgroup vacancies across the State so if you’re looking to meet parents or grandparents in your area start with Playgroup WA.


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