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3 ways to help kids transition away from screens smoothly

As many parents would have experienced, young children need to learn emotional self-management to be able to transition from one activity they are enjoying to the next activity without a meltdown. Many parents find helping a child finish using a screen device challenging. As part of a study funded by…

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4 ways to use technology to help kids be active

Everyone knows that being physically active is great for kids and helps them be healthy and happy. But many of us worry that technology use is reducing the physical activity of our children. Playgroup WA has been working with ABC Kids, Raising Children Network and Curtin University on a project…

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12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Bonus crafts! Mistle-toes This craft is a fun activity and a lovely keepsake. Here we have provided printable templates but we have also included some examples of how to draw them yourself. What you need for the mistle-toes wreath: Printed or drawn paper template Paint Sponge (optional) Markers or pens…

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Creating a hunger for healthy foods

Well it’s no surprise that healthy eating need some help in the PR department. When new parents hit the shops they are usually time poor and distracted by a baby (or two) and let’s not get started on the shopping list left idling on the bench at home … Who…

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